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Adult Hockey

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Stick & Puck - Daytime - $7   Nights/Weekends - $10 | Goalies - $5

Stick & Puck is open to all ages and skill levels. Whether it be skating or shooting, this is the perfect time to work on individual drills or have a friend come out and work together.

Equipment Required: Helmet, Gloves, Skates, Stick *18 yrs and under MUST wear a full gear with a full face cage. No Exceptions*

Drop-In - Daytime - $7   Nights/Weekends - $12 | Goalies - Free

Drop-In hockey is for those looking to play a game of hockey in a more relaxed style. This is a pickup game that allows you to experience the speed of a game without the pressure of losing or winning.

Different levels offered :

Regular Drop-In (open to all skill levels)

30+ Drop-In (open to those above the age of 30)

Competitive Drop-In (higher skilled players that played HS, Juniors, College, Level 3, or above).

Equipment Required: Full Gear *18 yrs and under MUST wear a full shield or you will not be allowed on the ice. No Exceptions*


Skills & Drills - $10

Skills & Drills is a great place to work on hockey skills with the help of our hockey instructors. With coaches from various different hockey backgrounds you are sure to have a great session and learn something new. If there are specific skills you'd like to work on just let us know and we can come up with lessons working on those skills.

Equipment Required: Full Gear *18 yrs and under MUST wear a full shield or you will not be allowed on the ice. No Exceptions*


Open Hockey



Summer Season League Registration Links

2024 WAHL Summer Recreational
12 Weeks on Wednesday Nights

Start Date 6/19/2024

Summer Draft League
10 Weeks on Sundays

Expected Start Date 6/30/2024

Regular Season League Registration Links

2023-2024 WAHL Levels 2-5
Sundays NOV-MAY
Expected Start Date 11/12/2023


2024 WAHL Spring Recreational
Wednesday Nights

Expected Start Date 2/21/2024

2023-2024 WAHL Level 1
Thursdays NOV-APR
Expected Start Date 11/9/2023


A:   Open Leagues

Level 1:  Adult League

Highly-skilled players who have played Pro-level, College, Juniors or High School Hockey. Games are played on Thursdays

Level 2:  Advanced League:  (3-level 1 caliber players allowed)

Juniors, or High School level players - Games are played on Sundays

B: Intermediate Leagues

Level 3: Intermediate League (2 level 1 caliber players allowed)

Experienced recreational level players - Games are played on Sundays

C: Novice Leagues

Level 4: Classic League (1 level 1 caliber player allowed)

Experienced recreational level players - Games are played on Sundays

Level 5: Novice League:  (No level 1 caliber players allowed)

Novice/beginner level players - Games are played on Sundays

Level 6: Recreational League

Recreational-Novice level players that sign-up as individuals. This league is recommended for first time player as we have players/coaches to assist the new player in learning the game of hockey. Games are played on Wednesdays.

*Leagues and levels are subject to change at the discretion of the hockey director. Please reach out for questions or concerns*


Kansas Cup Tournament

The Kansas Cup adult hockey tournament has been an annual adult hockey tournament hosted since the ice center opened. Normally featuring two full weekends of hockey and teams from across the United States competing against each other to hoist the cup.

Kansas Cup Divisions

First Weekend

  • Geezers (50+)

  • Advanced (A | Level 1)

  • Standard (B | Level 2)

  • Novice (D |Level 4/5)

Second Weekend

  • Original 6 (40+)

  • Open (Elite | Level 1+)

  • Intermediate (B/C | Level 2/3)

  • Recreational (D | Level 5/6)

2024 KS Cup

05/31/24 - 06/02/24
06/07/24 - 06/09/24
Kansas Cup High Detail.png

3 on 3 Tournaments

Throughout the year the Wichita Ice Center hosts 3 on 3 hockey tournaments, usually around the holidays. Our 3 on 3 tournaments are a cross ice round robin format where we fill multiple teams and have a great time on the ice. Full gear is required, pullovers will be provided for team colors. If you have any questions, please reach out to our hockey director for more information!


Holiday 3 on 3 Tournaments

New Years Day 2024

Start time tba (ages 13 and up)

$25 per skater

AthleteTrax Players Club

Schedules, stats, team management and more available through the AthleteTrax Players Club

Click here to sign in


Adult Hockey Schedule

KS Cup Tournament
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